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Perfect Your Fit

Looking to perfect your fit? We’ve got you!

Perfect Your Fit

Looking to perfect your fit? We’ve got you!

Perfect Your Fit

Looking to perfect your fit? We’ve got you!

Finding the right fit for your bra doesn’t need to be a challenge, but it's an essential part of feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes. When it comes to perfecting your fit, it's important to consider three key factors: straps, cups, and band.


Adjust your straps so that they’re comfortable and supportive for you, without them digging in or slipping.

If your straps dig in and leave red marks, try loosening them.

If your straps often slip off your shoulders, try tightening them.

Remember the elastic in your straps will naturally loosen over time. So occasionally you may need to adjust their tightness.


For the perfect fit your cups should be smooth with no bulging or gaping. There should be no space between you and your bra

If your spilling out of your cups, you may be more comfortable in a bigger cup.

If your cups aren’t full and there’s excess material, it could be time to go down a cup size.

If you’re finding you need to make a lot of adjustments and things don’t feel quite right still, then it’s time to remeasure. It’s normal to remeasure every 6 months.


Fasten your band on the tightest hook. This should be straight across you back, with a secure but comfortable fit.

If your band digs in and leave red marks, try loosening the hook. If it’s still tight you may need to go up band size.

If your band rides up when you raise your arms, you should try going down a band size. The band gives you most of your support and it’s important it fits you securely.

Remember all Gossard bras are fitted to the tightest hook. This is unlike other brands advice you may come across

If you’re starting your journey to the perfect fitting bra, we can help! See our guide on how to measure yourself for the perfect fitting Gossard bra!


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