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About Us

Brand Philosophy

Renowned for Heritage and style Gossard is trusted for producing beautiful lingerie. Through captivating eye-catching designs, Gossard aims to ensure women everywhere feel confident and glamourous. With its finger on pulse of the fashion industry, Gossard offers the perfect balance between innovative designs and delivering excellence in fit.



Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to us, thats why we are committed to making sure we do our part to ensure we can be more sustainable.

We know this is just the start but here are some ways in which we are contributing to a more sustainable future:


Our Products

We aim to produce high quality garments which last longer, selecting the very best materials and trims.

Prolonging garment lifespan

We are passionate about helping our customers care for their products and encourage hand washing where possible to help lengthen the garment lifespan.



We are working hard to limit unnecessary packaging as well as looking at alternative packaging made with sustainable materials.






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