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2013 Press Articles

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: AUGUST 2013

Toast                                  August 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: JULY 2013

Toast                                  July 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: JUNE 2013

Toast                                  June 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: MAY 2013

Toast                                  May 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: APRIL 2013

Toast                                  April 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: MARCH 2013

Toast                                  March 2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: FEBRUARY 2013

Toast                                  February 2013

Gossard SS13 Swimwear

GQ                                      18/02/2013

Gossard Model Eva Smite Top 10 sexiest women

GQ                                      14/02/2013

Gossard Voted 'Best Wash' Lingerie by Daily Mail

Daily Mail                              14/02/2013

Funda Onal Strips Off For Lingerie Video

Daily Mail                               01/02/2013

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: JANUARY 2013

Gossard                             January 2013

2012 Press Articles

Gossard Magazine and Newspaper Appearances: DECEMBER 2012

Gossard                                     December 2012

Gossard AW13

Lingerie Buyer                             18/12/2012

Gossard Feature on the Front Cover of Fabulous

Gossard                                     16/12/2012

Gossard Sales Boosted by Actress

Lingerie Buyer                            14/12/2012

Gossard Credits Movie with Increased Bra Sales

Lingerie Insight                          13/12/2012

Gossard wins UK Lingerie Award: Favourite Lingerie Brand

UKLA                                         21/09/2012

Gossard Hot Air Balloon is banned from the USA

Toast PR                                   08/08/2012

Gossard Team Win Mongralese Trophy in Italy

Toast PR                                   26/07/2012

Study Proves Push-Up Bra's Boost Confidence

Lingerie Insight                         20/03/2012

EgoBoost = Cleavage = Confidence

Lingerie Buyer                          20/03/2012

Ooh La La [Gallery] Lingerie Insight's Bridal Fantasies

Lingerie Insight                        03/03/2012

Ooh La La [Feature] Here Comes the Bride

Lingerie Insight                       28/02/2012

Super EgoBoost Smashes Expectations

Lingerie Insight                      18/02/2012

Gossard Exhibits Student Designs at Moda

Lingerie Insight                      18/02/2012

Demand for EgoBoost

Lingerie Buyer                       17/02/2012

Gossard De Monfort University Winner

Lingerie Buyer                       17/02/2012

Gossard at Valentine's

Lingerie Buyer                       30/01/2012

Gossard Gifts Lovehearts to Valentine's Shoppers

Lingerie Insight                     27/01/2012

TRENDS: Gossard Themes for AW12

Lingerie Insight                     09/01/2012

2011 Press Articles

Scarlet Undies Dropped as the Colour Purple Soars

Lingerie Insight                      20/12/2011

Gossard Reveals Romantic Side with AW12 Roll Out

Lingerie Insight                      16/12/2011

Whites of Kent Welcomes Gossard into Stores

Lingerie Insight                      15/12/2011

Gossard Fitting Event

Lingerie Buyer                        15/12/2011

Gossard Gets an EgoBoost

Lingerie Buyer                        12/08/2011

Gossard Boosts Egos for SS12

Lingerie Insight                      11/08/2011

Ooh La La - Gossard Launches 1940s Parisian Inspired Collection

Gossard                                01/08/2011

Featured in '25 E-Commerce Websites for Your Design Inspiration'

Vandelay Design                   19/07/2011

Gossard Lingerie SS11 Speaks Romance

Global Intimate Wear            18/07/2011

Gossard SS12

Lingerie Buyer                      11/07/2011

Gossard Relaunches Controversial 1990s Glossies Ad

Lingerie Insight                    17/05/2011

Gossard Live Bra Fitting

Lingerie Buyer                     17/05/2011

Gallery : Gossard in Debenhams

Lingerie Insight                   17/05/2011

Gossard AW11

Lingerie Buyer                     28/02/2011

Gossard Sales Soar

Lingerie Buyer                     04/01/2011

Unveiling the New Gossard SS11 Range

Gossard                              01/01/2011

2010 Press Articles

Burlesque Dancing Fires Demand for Luxury Lingerie

Lingerie Insight                    31/12/2010

Gossard Survey: Lingerie Shopping

Lingerie Buyer                      24/09/2010

Gossard 110th Birthday

Lingerie Buyer                      11/08/2010