Key Facts


  • Gossard bra sizes currently range from an A to a G-Cup
  • It takes 18 weeks from trend research and design to production of the garment concept sample
  • Each Gossard bra is constructed from around 50 different components
  • Gossard have won 'Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year' 2013 and 2012.
  • A Gossard lingerie photo shoot lasts 2 days during which thousands of model shots are taken to get the perfect picture!
  • In the 1960's Gossard began production of the now world-famous Wonderbra, which continued up until 1994 when Wonderbra was acquired by Playtex after Gossard's licence to manufacture it expired

Famous Models

Sophie Anderton

Becomes famous in 1996 after appearing in the Gossard Glossies "Girl in the grass" national advertising campaign shot by Herb Ritts, with the strapline "Who said a woman couldn't get pleasure from something soft?"

Kate Grombridge

Became an ambassador for the 'Ultrabra Superboost' range in 1999 and was later named as the 'face' of the Gossard brand following its success on the highstreet. The bra proved popular, and even proved controversial when the advertising campaign was considered too racy for British television.

Elle Liberachi

She's on the cover of the April 2011 edition of FHM and is the current face of the Gossard Lingerie brand. Read more about Elle at

Famous Ad Campaigns


A risqué poster featuring Sophie Anderton for Glossies bras with the line "If I want something rough on my chest I'll find a man"


Three posters for the Satin range featuring the captions "If he's late you can always start without him", "Bring him to his knees" and "Gossard – find your G-spot"


A TV advert that saw a woman in mismatched underwear rushed to hospital!


A 2 week billboard campaign was launched featuring Sophie Anderton as 'the girl in the grass'. The billboard was moved from outside Westfield's in London at the last minute due to fears its imagery could cause a traffic accident!

Advertising Archives

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