Our Prints

Unique Archived Prints

Gossard's prints are based on an extensive archive which has been collated and preserved since the early 1900's.   Over the years Gossard have combine ingenuity and over 100 years of brand knowledge and experience to develop some gorgeous unique lingerie prints including Wild Flower, Oriental Bloom and Edina.


  Gossard Botanical Lingerie Gossard Birds of Paradise Swimwear Gossard Summer Lingerie  
Gossard Flower Rush Lingerie Gossard Edina Gossard Floral Print


So how does the process work?

1. Our designer's first step is to look at the trends for the upcoming seasons - are we aiming for a photographic style, painted and brushed, or sketchy?  

2. Once they have decided on the ideas and trends they create a mood board with typical imagery and styles that they are looking for. 

Gossard's Colour Palette

3. This mood-board is sent to the company who hold thousands of archived one of a kind prints.  Here the specialised staff will collate around 10 different prints which match the ideas present in our designer's mood-board.  These prints can be watercolours, sketches, paintings or photographs which have been found in remote areas of the world and date back to the 1800's! 

4. Our design team takes a trip to visit the selection of archived prints and narrow them down one by one in order to make their final selection.

Gossard's Archived prints

5. Back in Gossard HQ the designers show their new print to our print designer and discuss what they need to do to the print - sometimes we love the print just as it is but other times we enlarge certain areas, scale down sections, change the colours to make them more on trend,  or even add/remove a little bit of detail.

  Gossard's print process Gossard's print process

6. Our print designer works closely with our design team and will create our final print.

  Gossard Prints being created Gossard's prints being created

7. Once approved the print is sent to our factories to see if they can duplicate the colours and create the garments.

8. Our lingerie is created!

Lingerie prints and their original artwork

Beau was our first Gossard print, designed for the Spring Summer '11 season. Beau featured a ribbon style pattern that was recoloured to make a stunning black on beige design.

Gossard Beau Lingerie Gossard Beau Original Print

Vintage Rose was developed at the same time as Beau but our designers worked on a floral theme with bright, bold colours such as Hot Teal and Berry.
Gossard Vintage Rose Lingerie Gossard Vintage Rose Original Print

Floral Explosion
instantly became a customer favourite in Autumn Winter '12. In fact it had such a huge impact we've tweaked it and developed it into a new colour: Floral Print which will be out in Autumn Winter '13!  As you can see the original print has undergone some changes to result in the gorgeous Sapphire colour you see.

Tropic Swimwear took a call from the wild for Spring Summer '13.  Our designers aimed to put some 'zing in your spring!' by making you a 40's glamour chick.  As you can see our designers loved this print so much they decided to keep it pretty much the same!
Gossard Tropic Swimwear Gossard Tropic Swimwear Original Print

aimed to be a playful combination of teal, golden tones, and pinks. Think flirty, fantasy and spontaneity.  Our print designer changed the colours of this print to match the trends and make it utterly gorgeous!
Gossard Felicity Lingerie Gossard Felicity Original Print